HL-105 Opened Type Battery Powered Cable Cutter

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HL-105 Opened Type Battery Powered Cable Cutter apply for different angle working field. It has 360° rotary cutting head and ETC, which make you operate easier, safer and more efficient. Every cable cutter we will support accordingly accessories,such as blade, battery, charger, sealing ring of cylinder and sealing ring of safety valve.

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1. Powerful Motor ensure sufficient cutting force

2. High-performance battery with high capacity and require short charging time

3. Scissor type cutting blades can directly fit around cable, do not need to open tool head to insert cable

4. Pistol type tool body for better balance and easy handling

5. Blades can be opened at any time during cutting for necessary check or adjustment of press manual retract button

6. Automatically retract blade and stop motor when rated pressure is reached

7. Rotatable head for flexible operation in narrow place

8. LED illumination for easy cutting in dark place

9. LED indicator show tool and battery condition

10. Plastic Case Package for easy carrying and well tool protection


Mode: HL-105 Opened Type Battery Powered Cable Cutter
Max. cutting force: 120KN
Crimping range: Φ85mm (Cu/Al cable and armored cable)
Stroke: 42mm
Hydraulic oil: Shell Tellus T15#
Ambient temperature: -10 - 40℃
Battery: 18v 4.0Ah Li-Ion
Cutting/charger: Approx. 70 times (Cu150 mm2)
Charging voltage: AC 100V〜240V; 50〜60Hz
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
Blade: 1 pcs
Battery: 2 pcs
Charger: 1 pcs
Sealing ring of cylinder: 1 set
Sealing ring of safety valve: 1 set

Description of Components



Blade holder For fixing blade
Blade For cutting blade
A white Led light To illuminate the working area
Retract button For manual retracting the piston in case of an incorrect operation
LED indicator For indicating the operating condition and battery discharging situation
Trigger For starting operation
Battery lock For locking/unlocking the battery
Battery For supplying power, rechargeable Li-ion(18V)

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