HL-1632 Battery Powered Pipe Crimping Tool

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HL-1632 is the most efficient tool for linking to stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, XPAP, PEX pipe. It can work on -10ºC~40ºC Working temperature, having 60KN rated crimping force, Piston stroke 17mm. It is powered by Li-ion, actuated by motor and controlled by MCU. The large capacity of Li-ion battery and strong motor provide powerful performance and durability.Plumbing system tool sets HL-1632 used for hot and cold water plumbing system underfloor heating & cooling water system, recycled water system, rainwater system.

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1. Crimping head rotates 360°

2. Two stage hydraulics

3. Motor stop and automatic retraction when crimp is complete

4. Quick motor stop

5. Manual retraction in case of need

6. High-capacity 18V power-on display lithium battery with fast charger

7. Reinforced moulded nylon body

8. Upgrade the fastest, most reliable crimping tools speed up 20%

9. Circuit board diagnostics, alert you when the battery is lower or the tool hot or cool

10. Flip top style for easy access to the fitting

11. Two stage hydraulics, automatic pressure release, smart chip, easy to read and record the use of information

12. Equipped with LED work lights to make work easier

13. External LCD screen, easy to read the number of crimping

14. Housing and carrying case are made of environmental-friendly PP material, integral molding, compression and drop resistance


Mode: HL-1632 Battery Pipe Crimping Tool
Max. cutting force: 60KN
Stroke: 17mm
Battery: 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion
Cutting/charger: Approx. 70 times (Cu150 mm2)
Charging voltage: AC 100V〜240V; 50〜60Hz
Charging time: Approx. 2hours
Option crimping dies: 3 sets(TH,U,SV)
TH profile: 16 20 26 32
U Profile: 16 20 25 32
SV profile: 15 20 25
Crimping tool: 1 pc
Battery: 2 pcs
Charger: 1 pc
Shoulder strap: 1 pc
Plastic case: 1 pc

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