HL-300B Battery Powered Crimping Tool

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HL-300B Battery Powered Crimping Tool provide maximum efficiency when used for high-volume dedicated cutting or crimping applications. All tools also come with two batteries, 12 sets crimping dies, shoulder strap, charger and carrying case. It is a tool for crimping Cu/Al lugs with cables from 10-300mm². It is powered by Li-ion, actuated by motor and controlled by MCU. With a high pressure hydraulic system, it is a perfect tool to be used in electrical construction field.

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1. 360° flip-top latch crimping head, working atany site

2. Pistol type tool body design for better balance and easy handing

3. Double Piston pump and powerful motor ensure quick crimp

4. Automatically fully retract ram and stop motor when complete crimp

5. Manually retract ram in case of need

6. LED illuminate work area & low battery charges or lacking pressure, an acoustic signal sounds and led flash

7. Li-ion battery with high capacity and require short charging time

8. A temperature sensor makes the tool stop working automatically when the temperture over 60° under long time working


Model: HL-300B Battery Powered Crimping Tool
Max. crimping force: 60KN
Crimping range: 10-300 mm2
Stroke: 17mm
Hydraulic oil: Shell Tellus T15#
Ambient temperature: -10 - 40℃
Battery: 18v 5.0Ah Li-Ion
Crimping cycle: 3s-6s(depending on the connector size)
Crimp/charger: Approx. 260 crimps (Cu150 mm2)
Charging voltage: AC 100V〜240V; 50〜60Hz
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
OLED display: display voltage, temperature, crimping times, errors information
Crimping die (mm2):
Battery: 2 pcs
Charger: 1 pcs
Sealing ring of cylinder: 1 set
Sealing ring of safety valve: 1 set

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