HL-400T Plug Crimping Tool

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HL-400T Plug Crimping Tool is the best plug cable crimper in China. We are the first company have plug crimper in China now. The appearance is patented. HL-400T plug cable crimper is table model crimping tool, which not need battery. The cable plug crimper handle is placed and is designed above the tool machine. If you not would like to buy battery powered crimping tools or manual tools, maybe this plug crimping tool is the best choice for you. Plug cable crimper is cheaper than battery powered crimping tool. We have just developed and manufactured plug cable crimper. The advantages of plug cable crimper are energy saving and environmental protection, small size, larger output power, less noise and light weight, making portable tools easier to carry and work.

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Model: HL-400T Plug Crimping Tool 
Output Force: 120KN
Crimping Range: 16-400 mm2
Warranty period: 1 year
Voltage: 110V~220V
Price Term: EXW Wenzhou,China

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