HL-50X Battery Powered Crimping Tool

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HL-50X Battery Powered Crimping Tool is vertical cold press clamping tool. We provide all-copper motor strong power, which can let you easily handle high-intensity work. A variety of replaceable dies can be used, and after high temperature quenching, the surface is blackened, and the appropriate die is selected according to the needs. This HL-50X Rechargeable Electric Cold Crimping Tool Terminal Small Power Pliers is ideal hydraulic tool for cable conductor copper and aluminum terminal interface and end capping and intermediate connection of link pipes.

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Model: HL-50X Battery Powered Crimping Tool
Max.Output Force: 16KN
Crimping Range: a) 0.5-50mm²
(TG-JT type is tubular pre-insulated terminal);
b) 0.5-10mm²
(TO.TU type is round,fork-shaped bare terminal);
c) 0.5-6mm²
(TO-JTK TU-JTK type round,fork-shaped pre-insulated terminal);
d) 0.5-6mm²
(SCT-D open barrel 0.5-6mm²);
e) 1-10mm²ordinary hexagon  
Battery: 18V 2.0Ah Li-Ion
Charging time: 1.5 hours


1.Simple and safe: one-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
2.Electronic control with locking function monitors full closing of the dies
3.Simple and safe: automatic retraction when operation is complete
4.Manual retract as required
5.Motor stall protection
6.Ergonomic 2C housing in the Klauke "In-line Design"
7.Fastening eye for use with balancer or as fall protection in field applications
8.Very low weight and high speed for maximum efficiency
9.Powerful drive technology for fatigue proof operations
10.Powerful 18 V Li-Ion battery with charge status display
11.LED for work area illumination

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