HL-85B Battery Powered Cable Cutter

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HL-85B for cutting Cu/Al cable and armored cable. The unit is equipped with a double piston pump which is characterised by a rapid approach of the dies forwards the connector and a slow crimping motion.This machine is used to steel bar(steel rod) rebar straight and cutting. It’s convenience to put in construction sites and steel bar processing sites. Best quality Reinforced enclosure, compact structure, movable wheels, low power loss. High hardness blade base and connection rod, using high speed standard motor, high quality and steady performance, long service life. All gear shafts are produced by our own CNC processing center, make sure high accuracy of size and excellent quality. The machine is extra thick and hard, high quality can work in the heavy duty.

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1. The head have open and rotate design

2. Double sections hydraulic system, release pressure automatic

3. Use high capacity and good performance 18V battery

4. Packaged in thick box

5. The lightest battery hydraulic cutter in this field.

6. To be operated with single hand at optional direction.

7. It's applicable for operation on overhead line and common urgent maintenance.

8. The advance speed for pistion could be stepless speed adjusted.

9. Mechanical automatically pressure release. when battery is exhausted, piston could be easily retracted and tool from hurting and damaging.

10. With safety valve. when cutting under overload. it could be automatically pressure release to protect the operator and tool from hurting and damaging.

11. Cutting is prohibited when conductor on tension.

12. Unique, quick, light head open design for more convenient operation. It's applicable for cutting overhead cable in 45mm or other copper, alloy conductor. The blade is made from specific heart-treated steel for much longer shelf life.

13. The head could be rotated 360 degree for proper operating position.



HL-85B Battery powered Cutting Tools

Cutting range:

Φ85mm Cu/Al cable
Cutting force: 60KN


Cutting cycle: 10s-30s(depend on the size)

Battery voltage:

18v /4.0Ah Li-Ion

Charging time:

Approx 1.5 hours
Weight(incl. battery): Approx. 8.8kg

Gross weight:


Carton size:



One pc/Aluminum alloy case/Cardboard box
Product standard: 1pcs of tool, 2pcs of Li-Ion battery, 1pcs of charger, 1pcs of plastic case, 1pcs of straps, 1pcs of manual

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