HEWLEE One-Stop Station Crimping Tools

One-Stop Station Crimping Tools

Product Description

Designed for use with HEWLEE TOOL and other commercially available punch,C Taps,H Taps dies. HL-400B Battery Operated Crimping Tool

is ideal for punching round ,square and rectangular holes in the most confined spaces. Get access to hard-to-reach locations with endless 360°

swivel. HL-400B is hot item,output force reach 12T, battery 18V 5.0AH Li-ion and Max.crimping up to 400mm².

Our Market

1)America market(20%):The United of States,Puerto Rico,Suriname,Brazil

2)Asia Market(40%):Malaysia,Vietnam,Korea,Laos,Thailand,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Iraq,


3)Europe Market(30%):UK,Italy,France,Serbia,Ukraine

4)Africa Market(10%):Nigeria,Tanzania,Mauritius,Republic of Cango,Ghana,South Africa

5)Australia Market(10%):Australia,Papua New Guinea

Post time: Sep-16-2023