HL-50M Battery Ratchet Cable Cutter

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HL-50M for cutting Cu/Al cable and armored cable. It carries more advantages of high efficiency, easy tooperate, automatic retract. It is powered by Li-ion, actuated by motor and controlled by M C U. With a high pressure hydraulic system, it is a perfect tool to be used in electrical construction site.HL-50M is used for Max Φ50mm for Cu/Al cable,

Max 800sqmm for ACSR and Max 100sqmm for Prestressed steel.The blades of portable HL-50M Battery Ratchet are made of high quality alloy which is high strength and durable. High hardness of blade after heat treatment. Also, the motor is not easy to overheat because of cooling holes.

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1.Copper-aluminum cable and ACSR cable can be cut off

2.The blade is made of alloy steel, after forging and special heat treatment, it can withstand long time of strenuous work

3.Reasonable structure, light weight , labor-saving, easy to carry and operate.

4.Large cutting range, light weight,easy to operate

5.Ergonomic handle fits the curve of the hand for comfortable grip.It is easy to operate with switch on the handle.




HL-50M Battery Ratchet Cable Cutter
Cutting: 50mm

Cutting range:

Max Φ50mm for Cu/Al cable;

Max 800sqmm for ACSR;

Max 100sqmm for Prestressed steel wire

Battery voltage:

18v /4.0Ah Li-Ion

Charging time:

Approx 1.5 hours


80-100 times


Battery x 2pcs;Charger x 1pcs;Strap x1pcs

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